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Pinkerton is the world's leading provider of corporate risk management solutions

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A Comprehensive Approach to Risk Management

From strategic planning to "boots on the ground" tactical implementation worldwide, Pinkerton uses a comprehensive approach unrivaled in our industry. Clients engage with us for temporary, incident-based assignments all the way to more permanent, embedded Pinkerton Dedicated Professionals. Our global network of people, technology and knowledge provides clients with a Total Risk Perspective from which they can make risk mitigation decisions that affect their long-term planning.

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Our Difference

Where is your business at risk?

Framing risk into four broad categories can help you understand not only the different threats that can impact business continuity, but the interconnectivity of risk as a whole. Threats categorized in one risk area ultimately can impact the other risk areas. Get started on your risk assessment »

Hazard & Event Risk

Natural Disasters

Major natural disasters damage physical assets, disrupt business operations, and impact economic activity. This node covers the five most important categories of natural disaster risk.

  • Flood/Storm
  • Drought
  • Earthquake
  • Wildfire
  • Climate Change
Disease & Health

Pandemics, epidemics and other public health issues affect the performance of local employees, put business travelers at risk, and give rise to a wide range of business costs. This node is divided into the following dimensions:

  • Pandemic/Infectious Disease
  • Chronic Health Burden
  • Pollution
  • Public Health Infrastructure
  • Health Service Quality
Crime & Violence

Criminal elements within society pose substantial risk to firms, and they vary widely across countries. This node divides the accompanying risks into the following subcategories:

  • Property Crime
  • Terrorism
  • Violent Crime
  • Criminal Justice
  • Graft

Operational & Physical Risk

Business Continuity

Business operations can be disrupted in a variety of ways. This node assesses local and national factors that affect the capacity of organizations and businesses to respond to and recover from major shocks. This node is divided into the following subnodes:

  • Blackout & Surge
  • Lifeline Infrastructure Reliability
  • Insurability
  • Access to Credit
  • Security Services
Supply Chain

A robust and reliable supply chain is a critical dimension of business operations that varies widely across countries. This node considers the most important factors affecting supply chain risk, including essential components of supply chain infrastructure and accompanying logistical services. The corresponding subnodes are:

  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Port Infrastructure
  • Efficiency of Customs
  • Logistics Services
  • Depth of Supplier Market
Workforce Risk

The depth and richness of local labor markets varies widely across countries. This node considers a broad range of factors that influence the business costs of acquiring and maintaining an effective workforce. The category is divided into the following subnodes:

  • Executive Talent
  • Labor Quality
  • Competitiveness of Wages
  • Employment & Worker Protections 
  • Labor Strife

Technology & Information Risk

System Integrity

Informational risks operate through digital infrastructure. This node assesses the robustness and security of national information architectures, including broadband and telecommunication infrastructure and security. The assessment of systems integrity is divided into the following factors:

  • IT Goods & Services
  • Online Activity
  • Broadband Infrastructure
  • Telecom Use & Access
  • Communications Technology Trade
Intellectual Property

Intellectual property infringement is a major risk in international business. This node examines national commitments to intellectual property protection, including patents, copyrights and trademarks.

  • International Standards Agreement
  • IP Legal Environment
  • Patent Activity
  • Trademark & Design Activity
  • Corporate R&D
Disruptive Potential

Businesses thrive in dynamic climates and economies thrive due to “creative destruction.” This node summarizes factors that foster entrepreneurialism, business creativity, and knowledge creation. It is divided into the following subnodes:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • STEM Activity
  • Size of Knowledge Economy
  • Size of Creative Economy
  • Firm Entry & Exit

Market & Economic Risk

Social & Political Instability

Social and political stability are overarching preconditions for the efficient operation of markets and the protection of business profitability and firm assets over time. This node examines the following dimensions of social and political stability:

  • State Fragility
  • Corruption
  • Social Unrest
  • Population Insecurity
  • International Conflict 
Macroeconomic Risk

Adverse macroeconomic conditions impact business profitability directly, through impact on economic performance, and indirectly, though impact on the relative value of local currency and the clearing of local labor markets. This node divides this category of risk into the following constituent pieces.

  • Business Cycle
  • Exports/Imports
  • Insolvency
  • Exchange Rate
  • Inflation
Fiscal & Regulatory

A nation’s fiscal health and regulatory structure can directly impact business profitability. This node examines accompanying business risks built up from the following categories:

  • Taxation
  • Property Rights Protection
  • Business Friendliness
  • Environmental Regulations
  • Trade Openness
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Global Leader in Corporate Risk Management Solutions

Pinkerton is the single, global source to all of your risk management and security solutions.

Our Solutions

Risk Advisory Services

Pinkerton Risk Advisory Services help companies align business decisions based on structural and variable risks, creating a total risk perspective.

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Risk-Based Screening

Pinkerton is a worldwide industry leader in the development and delivery of compliance-focused, corporate risk-based screening solutions specifically designed to cut costs and save you time.

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Security Risk Management

Pinkerton offers the global resources and expertise to provide comprehensive Security Risk Management support for any or all of your locations around the world.

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Corporate Investigations

We provide international expertise in all forms of corporate investigations, both inside and outside your company.

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Protection Services

We combine people, knowledge, and technology to deliver reliable private security anywhere around the globe at a moment’s notice.

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Threat Response Services

Providing a global network of threat response and crisis management resources to help manage crisis situations whenever and wherever they occur.

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Protective Intelligence

Providing Protective Intelligence support that is timely, reliable, and relevant.

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