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Comprehensive Brand Protection Programs

Pinkerton presents foremost comprehensive brand protection programs, anti–counterfeit solutions and document security systems to large companies and government bodies. These solutions use a combination of forward technologies to protect India's major brands and organizations from the negative consequences of forgery.

Pinkerton facilitates brand holders to build up a program management strategy to deal with these impacts, and then modify the precisely covered technology platform to implement an inclusive brand protection program. These programs include track and trace systems, and universal security and enforcement support. Pinkerton emphasizes on a complete solutions advancement facilitates our customers to focus on their high level, high margin products and retain client security.

Pinkerton provides comprehensive protection programs and services that protect brands, reputation and profits from online threats. Through uninterrupted solutions that deal with the rising risks of online fraud, brand misuse and illegal channels, Pinkerton India facilitates protected dealings for businesses and their clients. Pinkerton has selected access to data pooled with its synchronized deterrence, recognition and response capabilities offer extensive protection to the ever-changing online risks countenance by brands at present.

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