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Business Continuity

Because any length of downtime can lead to significant losses, Pinkerton helps you plan for – and react to – all types of situations that can impact business continuity.

Protecting single locations and entire supply chains. 

Threats to your business come from every angle and can happen anyplace, anytime. That is why so many clients rely on the expertise of Pinkerton to keep their businesses up and running. With a global network of offices and resources, we offer a wide range of services to protect and/or recover your human and hard assets nearly anywhere in the world.

We will look beyond your own company’s needs and provide a review of the continuity requirements for your business partners as well. We’ll help you examine every link in your supply chain – both physical and virtual – to determine where you are vulnerable and develop contingency plans. Pinkerton is there to help protect you from:

  • A widespread power outage wreaking havoc on operations at a major plant.
  • An attack on your IT system, possibly shutting down communications to your entire organization.
  • A natural disaster that could make delivery of materials or products nearly impossible.

No matter the situation, Pinkerton helps keep your business running.

To learn more about Pinkerton’s Business Continuity services, contact us today.