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Fairfax, VA, USA

Located in beautiful Fairfax, Virginia across from the old courthouse on Chain Bridge Road, the Pinkerton Fairfax office stretches it’s expertise from Washington DC through Virginia into North Carolina. Recognized as the Due Diligence experts in the Pinkerton arena, the Fairfax office is called upon by global Pinkerton offices to conduct thorough Due Diligence Investigations and extensive research for our clients. This office specializes in:

About Ginger Happe

Ginger Happe, Director of Operations for Pinkerton, is a retired Law Enforcement Officer with over 14 years’ experience with Pinkerton. Certified by the NJ State Police for Incident Command, she has led successful emergency response details, large high risk events worldwide and strike contingency planning for a multitude of clients. Requested by several clients to lead their Executive Protection Teams, Ginger has supported their VIPs both nationally and internationally.

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Ginger Happe | Director

Tel: +1 703.383.0136
4015 Chain Bridge Road
Suite 37

Fairfax , VA
, 22030
United States


Pinkerton Headquarters

101 N. Main Street, Suite 300
Ann Arbor, MI 48104