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Las Vegas, NV, USA

Located in North Las Vegas, our Las Vegas, Nevada office specializes in protection. From special event security management to residential protection, the Las Vegas office has many years of experience providing tailored services and expertise to clients in a variety of industries. (NV LIC# 1029)

About Val Jimenez

Val R. Jimenez began his Law Enforcement career as a Sheriff’s Deputy for the Kern County Sheriff’s Office. After joining the California Attorney General’s Office Val Jimenez participated in statewide narcotic task forces, which involved the investigations of Major Narcotic Violators, including Clandestine Lab Investigations, and International Money Laundering Organizations. Val Jimenez has been recognized by the California Legislature, and the United States Congress for his work in narcotic and drug investigations, he has also testified before Congress regarding drug related topics and has been recognized for his work in the Hispanic Community. Val Jimenez is the previous Chairman of the International Law Enforcement Association known as ILOA. He is currently committee chairman for Public Safety and Security, Overseas Advisory Council (OSAC) with the United States Consulate Tijuana. He is a Certified California Peace Officer Standards and Training Instructor, as well as an Instructor to International Law Enforcement.

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Val Jimenez | Director

Tel: +1 619.717.1371
4357 Corporate Center Drive
Suite 430

Las Vegas, NV 89031


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