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Charlotte, NC, USA

About Logan Johnson

Logan Johnson began his career in law enforcement with the Philadelphia Police Department in 2013. Logan has actively patrolled one of the highest violent crime and open-air drug market districts in Philadelphia. Working with his partner, he has arrested offenders engaged in acts of violent crime (aggravated assault, robberies, shootings, etc). After independently making arrests within his district, he partnered with divisional detectives by providing first-hand statements for future courtroom testimony. Logan has conducted countless searches of vehicles and homes for evidence or illegal contraband, conducted vehicle stops in search of weapons, handguns and illegal drugs. Independently, Logan utilized verbal de-escalation and community policing techniques to advise individuals. Further responsibilities included the execution of investigations of criminal activity, securing and preserving crime scenes, and gathering and safeguarding evidence. Logan is a three-time recipient of a Merit commendation and a recipient of a Commendatory commendation. Mr. Johnson was also a recipient of the Governor Citation for service to the State of Pennsylvania from Governor Tom Wolf and the department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. Mr. Johnson holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Marist College.

Charlotte, NC, USA Logan Johnson


Logan Johnson | Director

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