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Solutions by Industry

Pinkerton works alongside staffing companies to ensure the most reliable screening results while minimizing turnaround time. 

Focused on Accuracy and Speed of Screenings

Speed of service is always a priority for staffing companies that need to get applicants screened and on the job quickly. Yet speed cannot jeopardize the reliability and accuracy of screening since staffing firms can be held liable for negligent hiring incidents, whether their clients require screening or not. This is why staffing firms partner with Pinkerton to provide rapid turnaround and the highest level of screening assurance.

Our screening program enables staffing companies to tout that their employees have been vetted by the oldest, most trusted and reliable security company in the world. In addition, our team has deep industry knowledge in many of the sectors which frequently use temporary workers, such as healthcare, transportation, and retail.

Offering a No-Cost-to-You Option

One of our optional features is a background check program at no cost to you. Pinkerton enables your employees or prospective employees to request a pre-employment screening to your specifications and pay for it themselves through our Background Check Now program.

A Wide-Range of Staffing Services

Our basic pre-employment background check services include:

Our industry-specific screening services often utilize the following:

  • DHHS/OIG Sanctions check (healthcare)
  • FACIS® (Fraud and Abuse Control Information System (healthcare)*
  • FDA Disbarment search (healthcare)
  • Professional license verification (healthcare)
  • Professional certification Verification (healthcare)
  • DMV checks (transportation) 

*FACIS® is a registered trademark of Verisys Corporation

For more information on how Pinkerton can assist you with reliable solutions for staffing screening, please contact us today. 

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