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Atlanta, GA, USA

Our Atlanta, GA office is located in historic Kennesaw, Georgia, a suburb located 25 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta off Interstate 75. Security, investigative, and consulting operations covering a nine state territory are managed from this location. The Atlanta office offers a team of professional, licensed investigators and security professionals who are dedicated to providing Pinkerton clients with quality investigative and security services, with emphasis on the protection of our clients and their assets, timely investigative activity, thoroughness, and timely reporting. The Atlanta office specializes in:

About Sam Stone

Mr. Stone is a board certified security manager and expert in the protection of physical assets, who can help clients make the business case for security risk management through data driven products, training, intelligence, and advisement. With over 10 years’ experience working in various fields of security, Mr. Stone holds the gold standard of security management certifications, the Certified Protection Professional. Mr. Stone is well versed in planning and executing security evaluations using the DHS risk equation framework wherein risk is defined as the product of consequence, vulnerability, and threats. Mr. Stone has evaluated enumerated security plans of chemical facilities regulated by the Department of Homeland Security and has conducted on-site assessments for clients who own sub-stations and control centers. Mr. Stone began his career in security in the year 2000 which took a different turn in Sept. 2001. Since that time, Mr. Stone has managed thousands of operations to address threats associated with man-made and natural disasters. Because of this experience, Mr. Stone is well-versed in the tactics and strategies to prevent hazards from affecting your organization.

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Sam Stone | Director

Tel: +1 615.290.4615
3340 Peachtree Road
Suite 1800

Atlanta, GA 30326


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