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Denver, CO, USA

Our Denver, CO office services much of the Rocky Mountain region in the United States such as: Colorado, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas. While Pinkerton has expertise in all sectors, the Denver office specializes in investigations. This office serves clients from all industries with workplace violence prevention, world-class executive & VIP protection services, as well as the following:

About Colin Daugherty

Colin Daugherty began his service career in 1998 when he first enlisted in the US Army; since that time he has served, deployed, and operated in the US, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Middle East.  Colin has a wide range of operational and leadership experience in complex and high-risk threat environments, as well as high-profile, corporate, and conservation areas as a close protection specialist, team leader, instructor, advisor, and more.  Colin has additionally worked in law enforcement and specialized as a gang and intelligence officer for a street-crimes task force that worked in conjunction with a multi-jurisdictional federal drug task force. 

As a multi-area skills instructor, Colin has developed multiple tactical skills training programs that have been vetted and approved by Colorado POST for training law enforcement agencies, as well as academic and strategic programs for other groups and organizations. 

Colin’s depth and range of leadership and experience, earned from a multitude of complex and real-world lessons, combined with his strong business acumen enable him to deliver valuable high impact leadership and strategy to a full range of customers and clients.

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Colin Daugherty | Director

Tel: +1.303.309.1031
10065 E Harvard Ave.
Suite 250

Denver, CO 80231


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