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Asset Tracing - India

Major financial and asset misappropriation frauds are on the rise with alarming regularity. With major international cases unearthing the proceeds of crime hidden in increasingly complex locations and structures from all corners of the globe - you need answers. Pinkerton will help gather, trace and find evidence about mislaid and hidden assets.

Handle non-performing assets, bankruptcy, liquidation and fraud proceedings with ease. 

Pinkerton can assist financial institutions in dealing with a non-performing account or in handling a borrower company facing bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings. Such situations can also arise when the borrower company is a willful defaulter and has misappropriated finances thereby causing major fraud. The increased reliance on remote electronic accounting and banking systems has heightened the misappropriation of funds through fraudulent behavior and made it harder for institutions to locate the assets of the borrower company in the event of insolvency. For large, multinational corporations, tracing of assets and gathering of intelligence is conducted across borders and demands a deep understanding of offshore jurisdictions. Pinkerton’s NPA management team is skilled in functioning with investigative and legal professionals to not only trace, classify and congeal stolen assets but also to provide for information pertaining to misappropriation of funds across various jurisdictions.

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