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Ethics Helpline - India

Integrity is the foundation of the way we do business at Pinkerton. Our adherence to a strict standard of ethical behavior ensures that our business is conducted in accordance with high ethical and legal principles and sets standards of professionalism and integrity for all employees and operations worldwide.

Aimed for easy and secure whistleblowing to unethical practices and breach of laws & code of conducts at workplace, Pinkerton has taken a step ahead by developing a unique Help Line which is aimed to expose the individuals/groups that are behind unethical events/occurrences and to safeguard the interest of employees who are willing to be informants.

With a 247 Toll-Free helpline, we intend to revolutionize the way fraud cases are dealt and resolved with the support of the whistleblowers.

The following are examples of situations which we hope will prompt a timely report to ethic point:

  • Theft or fraud
  • Use of drugs or alcohol on the job
  • Mismanagement of company resources
  • Any form of harassment
  • Violation of safety or security policies
  • Misappropriation of company or client property/funds
  • Violation of company policy, practice or procedure

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