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Vice President- Market & Business Development
Ann Arbor, MI, United States

Pinkerton is seeking an experienced, forward-thinking Vice President- Market & Business Development that will operationalize and execute the company value proposition. There will be a strong focus upon content creation for the advancement of the business development process. It is expected that the implementation and execution of strategies will be led by a strategic mindset that understands global market and economic strategy. All steps and tasks must align with enterprise-level business goals and will support the Company Value Proposition.The VP is charged with driving business results through actionable insights gathered from the executive team, client data, corporate understanding, and marketing analytics. There will be a strong and constant focus upon content. Responsibilities include setting a vision for and designing and implementing best-in-class product roll-out, effective collateral, CRM initiatives, and analytics. The position will lead a talented team of marketing professionals across all aspects of demand generation, field, and digital marketing, all while shaping Pinkerton brand, as the Company continues its long-term growth and evolution.

*Current employees include Pinkerton and all Securitas divisions.