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Law Enforcement Action

Pinkerton's comprehensive approach to Brand Protection has been the solution to the threat posed by brand pirates. With the investigative expertise and legal knowledge of the intricacies of infringement, Pinkerton has established a network of investigators, who assist with multi-faceted strategic solutions and technology to combine both prevention and response.

Our investigators conduct the investigations in a discreet, confidential manner and all the information is corroborated from different sources. Our Law Enforcement Action includes:

  • Creating intelligence on infringing products.
  • Developing a complete investigative plan.
  • Performing investigations as per standard investigative plan.
  • Creating a blueprint of comprehensive supply chain of the infringing goods.
  • Synchronization with assorted enforcement authorities and plan multi-jurisdiction Investigations and enforcement actions.
  • Placing an enforcement act in the specified jurisdiction.
  • Legal aid for the case in court of law.
  • Filing of civil suits in brand infringement cases to claim damages.
  • Market share study and the changing trends.

To learn more about Pinkerton’s Law Enforcement Action, contact us today.