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Our Difference
Comprehensive Approach

Your business continuity risks are interdependent. Our approach is interconnected.

Focusing on one component of risk without understanding the potential impact on the organization as a whole can lead to unintended consequences. 

The Pinkerton Risk Wheel© is designed to help you understand not only the different types of risks impacting business continuity, but the interconnectivity of the four broad categorizations of business risk. Developed by security professionals and scholars, it provides a total risk perspective that can quickly and clearly illuminate both the area at risk and the detailed nature of that risk, for any organization. 

To do that, the wheel is divided into four quadrants, and each quadrant is divided into three subcategories, or nodes. Each node is further divided into five subnodes. These quadrants, while distinct, should be viewed holistically as threats categorized in one risk area ultimately can impact others. For example, one can view Hazard & Events risks as items likely to be more singular or incident related; however, these could clearly impact operations.

Pinkerton’s Total Risk Perspective

Pinkerton's total risk perspective helps your company identify risk factors today before becoming major problems tomorrow.

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