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Our Difference
Pinkerton Dedicated Professionals

Our embedded security personnel focus on risk mitigation, so you can focus on your business.

Our Pinkerton Dedicated Professionals (PDPs) deliver superior, reliable, and timely risk mitigation. As the threat landscape constantly changes, it is imperative to have exactly the right people in place. People who fully understand your organization's vulnerabilities, stay current with the latest risk-mitigating trends and techniques, and have instant access to vital and accurate information from around the world. 

Our Core Support Model delivers dynamic results.

Pinkerton Dedicated Professionals embody a proven support model for continuous performance growth and development, backed by over 165 years of experience. It integrates access to best practices, extensive resources, global connectivity, benchmarking, and much more. This performance cycle ensures Pinkerton always provides outstanding service and delivers value to your organization.

PDPs are your gateway to any number of risk mitigation and security services.

The Benefits of a PDP include:

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