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Our Difference

Applied Risk Science

A proprietary and analytical approach, using cutting-edge technology to identify, manage, and mitigate total risk. 

One of the primary challenges facing current models for calculating risk is a pervasive lack of context. To perform an accurate and holistic risk assessment, it is imperative to not only understand the threats facing an organization, but also the probability of those threats occurring—and to what degree those threats could impact business objectives. That all-important context is a critically important piece of the security puzzle: the backdrop against which all potential threats can be brought into sharp relief. 

Gaining perspective by changing the formula.

  • Threat
  • risk equation x
  • Probability
  • risk equation x
  • Impact
  • risk equation =
  • Risk

Through both our global intelligence and technologically-advanced methodologies, Pinkerton uses Applied Risk Science to illustrate exactly how risks and security threats are more than just binary events. They are evolving and interrelated situations with numerous implications, complications, and consequences—both inside and outside of your business. Using our revolutionary approach, Applied Risk Science calculates a crystal clear view of your organization's risks, combining probabilities with potential business impact.

As pioneers in the development and implementation of Applied Risk Science, we understand how to combine big data with innovative, machine-learning algorithms to calculate clear and contextual data-driven risk perspectives. 

Applied Risk Science is revolutionary in how it provides the necessary context to examine the specific nature and ramifications of risks, and how quickly a response may be needed. By using it, we provide more than just a comprehensive view of the risk. We provide new levels of detail and ultimately define the plan for the most effective solutions possible—thus closing your total risk gap.

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