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Our Difference
Service Models

Comprehensive risk mitigation solutions that range from high-level strategic thinking to tactical action plans.

Our mission is to not only protect your organization, but to create value for your business. To do this, we utilize services and intelligence that moves seamlessly from strategic thinking to tactical implementation. 

Enterprise Strategy
Strategic services (consulting) performed by risk advisors.

Harmonizing strategic services with tactical operations.

Local Implementation
Operational tactical services performed by operations managers and agents.

Right-sized risk mitigation solutions.

Based on our assessments and the analysis of your total risk perspective, we can design and provide solutions that range from an as-needed incident basis to a fully-dedicated staffing option. Our service models are structured to give you the flexibility and options that most effectively address your corporate risk management needs. 

Pinkerton Fully-Dedicated Services
Fully-dedicated personnel to you and only you.

Semi-Dedicated Services
Ongoing projects, construction, developments or temporary investigations.

Temporary Services
Holiday shopping season, annual events, etc.

Incident/Reponse Services
Man-made or natural disaster.

To learn more about Pinkerton’s scalable service models, please contact us today.

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