Investigative Services from a Private Investigation Agency | Pinkerton Pinkerton is your trusted source for investigative services. With over 160 years of experience, see why we are the leading private investigation agency.
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We identify, mitigate & manage business risks and security concerns, anywhere in the world.

From risk management consulting and corporate investigations to protective security and threat response, Pinkerton agents possess an unparalleled level of expertise in prioritizing the safety and security of our clients and their interests amidst an ever-evolving threat landscape. This includes hands-on experience with global operations management, employment screening, threat response, corporate investigations, training management, and even finance and contract governance.

Delivering smarter, faster and more scalable services.

Pinkerton delivers a managed service facilitated via account managers, risk advisors, and operation managers. We interface and align with your organization to provide the right organizational structure to foster business continuity. 

At Pinkerton, we have one goal: to be your trusted risk advisor. To accomplish this goal, we provide your company with a reliable gateway to all of Pinkerton's global services and resources for your corporate risk management and security needs. We're taking out the guesswork and simplifying the customer service experience for you, so there's no need to look up contact information for different countries or different departments.

We know that risks and security situations don’t have normal operating hours. No matter when, no matter where, we pride ourselves on responding, no matter what. 

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