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Our team provides a “brains-to-boots” solution that addresses long-term, strategic risk management planning while also mitigating of-the-moment issues.

At any given time, organizations have varying levels of risks that could impact their business. There may be an emergency at a warehouse facility that requires an immediate response. Meanwhile, supply chain issues have arisen that are best addressed by a thorough investigation over time. Executives may be planning a visit to a politically unstable region and need a safe travel plan. And it’s been discovered that proprietary designs have surfaced on the Dark Web and an internal investigation is required.

Traditionally, these issues would be handled by different departments within the organization and, if needed, outside entities brought in to assist. The result is a piece-meal approach to risk management and, in a lot of cases, a higher-than-required budget to mitigate the issues.

Our Comprehensive Services offering eliminates that concern. The result is that your short-term risks are controlled while we work with your team using our Applied Risk Science approach to create your risk profile and forecast the impact other risks could have on your operation long-term.

Your engagement with Pinkerton can range from temporary to permanent, depending on the situation and potential business impacts the risks could have for your company.

Temporary Support to Permanent Partner

Temporary Support to Permanent Partner chart

The levels by which your company can engage Pinkerton’s services range from short-term, single-focus activities to a long-term partnership that involves fully dedicated risk management professionals working only on your company’s comprehensive risk needs.

Sometimes, your risk needs will be relatively simple. The required solution will be a temporary activity that mitigates the risks. You may have an incident that requires an immediate deployment of our risk management professionals to mollify the situation. Your needs may expand and require more planning, yet still be for a temporary, single focus such as a special event, researching a travel itinerary for an executive, or employment screening support during the holiday season. With incident response or temporary risk management, once the situation is handled, our engagement can end.

However, as your needs become more complex, our engagement can scale to match your requirements. You may need us to investigate an ongoing issue that has arisen, requiring a longer-term plan and a higher level of activity from our team. Perhaps there have been some supply chain disruptions or a data center breach. This “semi-permanent” solution can utilize all of our services across your enterprise in order to mitigate these more involved issues.

Ultimately, though, you may determine that the potential business impacts the risks your company is facing merit a permanent solution. That’s when Pinkerton becomes your long-term partner. Working with your internal teams across various departments and at the C-suite level, we create an end-to-end strategic risk management plan so that risks posing the highest level of potential economic impact are mitigated. We build this plan using a combination of our Applied Risk Science approach that helps you anticipate the business impacts, our 165 years of experience, and our worldwide network of risk management professionals. We are at the center of where your business strategies and goals meet your risk management plan implementation…we’re with you at each step.

Temporary Support to Permanent Partner chart

Services That Manage Your Budget

Your risks will ebb and flow…so will our services. You may have an incident or other immediate need that requires an “all-hands-on-deck” approach, resulting in a temporary increase in resources and budget. However, when you don’t require emergency service any longer, we will scale down so that your budget can return to normal. For the long-term, your needs may include investigative work, Pinkerton Dedicated Professionals (PDP), employee screening services, executive protection or other Pinkerton services. We will work to balance your expenditures so that you get a high level of return without overpaying for services you don’t need. And with a global team that is ready to address any issue that arises, you can focus your attention on your core business while we’ve got your security needs covered.

Whether it’s a temporary assignment or a permanent partnership, you can count on Pinkerton to deliver results that will reduce the risks to your employees, facilities, and bottom line.

We identify, mitigate & manage business risks and security concerns, anywhere in the world.

From risk management consulting and corporate investigations to protective security and threat response, Pinkerton agents possess an unparalleled level of expertise in prioritizing the safety and security of our clients and their interests amidst an ever-evolving threat landscape. This includes hands-on experience with global operations management, employment screening, threat response, corporate investigations, training management, and even finance and contract governance.

Delivering smarter, faster, and more scalable services.

Pinkerton delivers a managed service facilitated via account managers, risk advisors, and operation managers. We interface and align with your organization to provide the right organizational structure to foster business continuity.

At Pinkerton, we have one goal: to be your trusted risk advisor. To accomplish this goal, we provide your company with a reliable gateway to all of Pinkerton's global services and resources for your corporate risk management and security needs. We're taking out the guesswork and simplifying the customer service experience for you, so there's no need to look up contact information for different countries or different departments.

We know that risks and security situations don’t have normal operating hours. No matter when, no matter where, we pride ourselves on responding, no matter what.

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