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Our brand enforcement and brand protection services offer expertise in enforcing and protecting corporate brands, trademarks, and reputations from threats around the world.

The illegal use of legitimate companies' brands, trademarks, and products has increased exponentially over the years. The sophistication and complexity of this criminal activity has also grown. This disturbing trend hurts companies’ profit margins and impacts their worldwide brand reputations. Pinkerton offers unparalleled expertise in enforcing and protecting corporate brands, products, and trademarks from threats that may arise in any corner of the world. Our brand protection services include the following:

Licensing a product line is vital for the expansion and growth of any brand. When done correctly, a brand can gain greater market share and notoriety. However, if the proper steps are not taken and the quality of the licensee is in doubt, a brand may suffer.

Pinkerton provides reliable licensee qualification services for every phase of product line licensing to help you grow and enforce your brand. We provide brand owners a range of reliable services that include:

  • Parallel Trade Investigations
  • Site Inspections (to confirm brand standards)
  • Factory and/or Manufacturer Supply Chain Audits
  • Due Diligence/Market Reputation Searches (of licensees/spokespersons)

Trademark infringement has grown with the breadth of the internet. Trademark owners must now monitor emerging markets to protect their rights. Pinkerton taps into our global network of resources to help clients expand their brand and protect their trademark rights in every region of the world.

Pinkerton provides a full range of trademark protection and infringement investigations and services, including:

  • First-Use Investigations
  • Actual-Use Investigations
  • Online Phishing & Pharming Investigations
  • Discrete Sample Acquisition for Review & Reverse Engineering
  • Third-Party Acquisitions of Trademarks & Domains (for undisclosed principals)
  • Site Inspections (to secure actual use of the trademark in commerce)
  • Theft of Trade Secrets Investigations

For nearly 170 years, Pinkerton has been at the forefront of developing anti-counterfeiting solutions. Over that time, we’ve developed industry-leading techniques to identify counterfeiters, track their channels of trade, and locate the source of their goods.

Today, Pinkerton offers end-to-end Counterfeiting & Piracy Services that help:

  • Identify counterfeiters and their country of origin.
  • Track counterfeiters and secure the scope of their network.
  • Confirm authenticity, source inventory and volume via discrete purchases of products.
  • Interdict in the forum of civil seizures and/or criminal seizures.
  • Utilize computer forensics to quantify damages and identify suppliers and resellers.

We also work diligently with local and federal law enforcement to educate and promote brand protection strategies.

In addition, Pinkerton offers Corporate Security Surveillance Services to keep track of brands being sold overtly and covertly on the Internet.

To learn more about Pinkerton’s Brand Enforcement & Protection Services, contact us today.

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