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Providing natural disaster response planning and recovery solutions that are rapidly deployed.

Pinkerton has helped prepare disaster management plans and executes disaster recovery solutions for all kinds of catastrophes. Our services can protect company assets and employees nearly anywhere in the world.

We’ve been called in to help in the aftermath of large-scale disasters, including:

  • Massive infrastructure failures following Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Sandy, and Wilma.
  • A very large and violent Taiwanese earthquake.
  • Forest fires that rampaged through the western US and destabilized the region.
  • Oklahoma’s devastating F5 tornado, which caused roughly $2 billion in damages.

Make better decisions with Pinkerton's real-time alerts.

Situations and information can change quickly during a natural disaster or a crisis. Pinkerton’s globally-connected intelligence provides access to real-time alerting to ensure you know exactly what’s going on, when, and where. We can adjust our emergency response as situations change in order to maximize protection of your company and assets.

To learn more about Pinkerton’s Disaster Management & Response Services, contact us today.

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