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A best-in-class range of location-based GPS Tracking and Asset Monitoring Services.

Unlike many business GPS products currently available in the commercial market, Pinkerton utilizes a full range of location-based services to provide monitoring, tracking, and response solutions which are dependable, accurate, and tailored to your needs. Pinkerton leverages its close relationships with equipment manufacturers, developers, and web service providers to offer you a broad range of field-tested solutions—the same solutions our agents employ in the field.

Devices may be purchased or leased as needed; they include an activated SIM card, connection to an appropriate data plan, and pre-loaded satellite airtime. Service components include:

  • A total GPS solution.
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of alert conditions.
  • Direct connectivity with response services.
  • Smartphone applications.
  • Battery-powered and hard-wired devices.
  • Satellite phone capabilities.
  • Personnel and vehicle transponders.
  • Satellite pole-to-pole text messaging.
  • SOS (Panic Button) capability.
  • Peripherals suitable to most environments.

GPS tracking solutions augment Pinkerton’s full line of services.

These enterprise GPS monitoring products and services are used by Pinkerton agents to enhance many of Pinkerton’s services, such as Executive Protection and Natural Disaster Response. As part of Pinkerton’s complete Protective Intelligence offerings, our GPS Solutions can be added to a company’s Threat Monitor Dashboard and include our focused global incident reporting service.

This extra layer of integration can maximize your protection efforts, by providing additional information and delivering effective situational awareness—the most vital element in any effective crisis planning and response.

Contact us today to learn more about Pinkerton’s GPS Tracking Solutions.

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