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Providing Global Asset Protection using protective intelligence.

Because of Pinkerton’s ability to deploy nearly anywhere and anytime, clients around the globe rely on Pinkerton’s Global Asset Protection services for major events planned in advance, or as the result of an unexpected disaster. We assist companies in a wide variety of unusually complex and stressful situations, including:

  • Strikes & Labor Actions
  • Plant closings or Downsizings
  • Major Retail Events (such as Black Friday)
  • Man-Made or Natural Disasters

Pinkerton’s Protective Intelligence provides our agents with vital and relevant information in real time, allowing them to prepare and react to changing situations more quickly and effectively. 

Whether an incident impacts a single location or multiple sites around the globe, Pinkerton helps clients better protect their assets and facilities by incorporating (when needed):

  • Investigative & Assessment Services
  • Security Surveys
  • Advance Team Deployment
  • Escort Services
  • Deployment of Armed Agents
  • Equipment Coordination
  • Agency Liaising

No matter where, when or how severe the situation may be, Pinkerton has the expertise and the global resources to maximize protection of your assets. 

To learn more about Pinkerton's Global Asset Protection services, contact us today.

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