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Global Incident Reporting wherever & whenever your company needs it.

Pinkerton's Global Incident Reporting Services provide our agents and clients with highly-filtered notifications of significant events occurring near personnel or facilities, along travel routes, or at other key locations of interest to you. We can include and exclude information sources, and set threshold filters for certainty, severity, keywords or phrases and a range of other options, to ensure that the information you receive is tailored to provide relevant informational value.

Our analysts use technology developed and patented by Pinkerton to scour countless information sources in real time, including social media, local news, and police/fire/EMS networks. In addition, we incorporate information and intelligence shared by members of the Pinkerton Vigilance™ Network.

The only fully CAP-compliant, private sector intelligence provider.

Pinkerton has adopted the CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) standard for the interoperable exchange of warning data between different nations and across sectors. CAP is used by public and government organizations like FEMA and NOAA and Pinkerton is the only commercial intelligence provider in the private sector that is fully CAP compliant. Pinkerton's active participation with International Standards Organization (ISO) and the United Nations works to ensure that private sector warning interests are represented as standards and technical facets of CAP are developed.

Global incident report options:

Notifications of Global Critical Incident Alerts (GCIA). GCIA provide a "heads-up" awareness of global incidents which carry impact assessments of “Severe” or “Extreme”. Such events are typically those which have strong potential to disrupt business continuity.

Highly focused on specific topics, each with adjustable filters for certainty, severity, geo-location, and type of incident.

Our Intelligence Specialist tailor a notification service.

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