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Global Intelligence Analysis that delivers more than just data.

Data without context is noise. Information without relevance can waste precious time when making important decisions about the protection of your personnel, operations, and facilities.

We provide highly-trained and experienced intelligence specialists who:

  • Identify information sources crucial for your company – Pinkerton specialists draft briefs, create and modify dashboards and follow other alert feeds as necessary.
  • Interpret incoming data – Detect, classify and monitor threats to your organization.
  • Collaborate with Pinkerton analysts around the globe – Gather and compare resources, construct world-class intelligence products, based on your enterprise needs.
  • Provide invaluable insight into threat countermeasures – Real-world experience, a peerless network of operations colleagues in the field, combined with additional intelligence resources normally inaccessible to others, generate crucial insight and analysis.

Our expert consultants will help you develop risk mitigation protocols specifically designed to fit your company's culture while meeting the growing demands faced by tightened budgets. 

Our analysts are available on a temporary or shared-time basis or can be embedded full-time within your organization. Because Pinkerton’s intelligence services are fully scalable, you can adjust our involvement as your needs change.

Your company's own highly-effective intelligence support service.

Pinkerton has deep expertise in Fusion Center design, startup, and management. Our process-driven approach allows us to optimize Intelligence Support Service composition and functions for your organization’s needs. Pinkerton's programs are scalable, affordable, and utilize our highly-trained, dedicated security intelligence analysts.

  • Highly experienced in the areas you need; embedded in your operations team
  • Vetted and selected based on a thorough understanding of your organization’s needs
  • Work to support other internal stakeholders
  • Collect and analyze crucial information from throughout your organization to create an understandable composite of potential threats
  • Supplement intelligence through the Pinkerton Vigilance™ Network
  • Prepare and disseminate reports to key stakeholders throughout the company

All stakeholders within your organization are assured of having access to vital information that could affect the enterprise and its employees. 

To learn more about Pinkerton’s Intelligence Analyst Solutions, please contact us today.

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