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Providing daily intelligence reporting and analysis straight from Pinkerton experts.

Produced every weekday, Pinkerton Insights delivers information along with analyst commentary, summarizing and exploring major local events and global activity which may affect your short-term and long-term decision making. This daily report contains information provided by the Pinkerton Vigilance™ Network along with expert analysis by Pinkerton's Global Risk Group. We use our risk science and holistic framework to assess, analyze and report risk data and the issues which could impact your organizational value and business continuity.

Customized reports & analysis available for your company.

In addition to our free daily report, Pinkerton also issues event-driven Situation Briefs and Topical Analysis Reports. Such reports are issued on an as-needed basis to cover high-profile special events or emerging situations. Examples of past topics include the Boston Marathon bombing; terrorist attacks in Paris; emerging malware injection trends; the potential impact from the arrest of “El Chapo”; and the effect of Tsai Ing-Wen's election as Taiwan's president.

Beyond daily Pinkerton Insights brief, Situation Briefs and Topical Analysis, Pinkerton’s Global Risk Group analysts can provide expert quantitative and non-quantitative analysis on almost any subject. From benchmarking labor practices in Indonesia to providing travel threat briefs specific to itineraries, our intelligence services provide valuable research and assessment of issues you may encounter. 

Please contact us to learn more about Pinkerton's Intelligence Reporting & Analysis capabilities.

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