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Offering a full range of employment background checks that are reliable & fast, and compliant with EU data regulations.

Utilizing our global network of resources, Pinkerton offers comprehensive legally-compliant background check reports for mitigating risks associated with hiring, retention, business partners, and vendors.

Pinkerton provides a range of pre employment and background screening services, including criminal certificate collection, ID and address verification, financial and sanctions checks, employment history verifications and cross referencing, and education verifications.

All of our services are compliant with EU privacy regulations, and delivered via our secure online platform. Tailored screening packages allow for flexible, client-specific background checks.

Some of the common employment background checks we conduct for employers include:

Verification of employment for any time period agreed. Normally, verification is recommended for a 5-year period allowing for 3-month gaps in employment. Any gaps over 3 months will be investigated and verified. This can also be capped for the number of distinct roles held by the applicant, for instance 7 years capped at 3 employments.

All verifications are supported by written confirmation from the previous employer (not telephone referencing). For senior or executive hires verification is recommended over a 10 years employment history capped at 5 employments.

The candidate’s CV can be collected and cross matched against information supplied on screening questionnaire.

Previous managers or professional contacts (contractors) can be contacted to supply more detailed information regarding the employee’s roles, responsibilities, and performance.

Criminal certificates are either obtained direct by Pinkerton or supplied by the candidate where country legislation does not allow third party to obtain certificate. Certificates are obtained for all countries that the candidate has resided in during the agreed screening period. Supplied certificates are then verified as genuine or otherwise.

The declared highest education is independently verified with the educational organization attended. This is normally for University-level qualifications.

Financial - Bankruptcy - Credit History can be obtained for the candidate for all countries where they have resided during the agreed screening period. In certain countries this is not available to third parties, and candidates are provided instructions on how to obtain and provide this information where it is unavailable to third parties.

The candidate’s legal right to work in the country of employment is verified. The most common proof is using passport / birth information. Employees may also provide visa information that will be verified to confirm their right to work. Where visa’s have restrictions or end dates, we will inform our clients accordingly.

The candidates passport can be verified as being genuine using MRZ checking services. Passports and/or visas can be used to confirm right to work if a certified copy is supplied.

Where candidates have a national ID card this can be verified as genuine or otherwise.

A worldwide check can be conducted for any declared or undeclared directorships that the candidate may hold, based on the candidate’s residential history.

Questions on your background check report?

To learn about free file disclosures, getting a free copy of your consumer report and submitting a dispute, review our File Disclosure page and our Compliance Resources.

Tailored solutions for your industry.

Additionally, Pinkerton can assist you with specialty searches that are unique to your industry or a specific job function within your organization.

To learn more about Pinkerton’s Background Checks for Employment Services, please contact us today.

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