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Dependable Residential Protection & Residential Security Services for public figures at their homes.

For over 165 years, Pinkerton has been a go-to resource for a wide range of protective services for a variety of public figures, including:

  • Corporate CEOs & Executives
  • Celebrities & Athletes
  • Politicians & Government Officials
  • Foreign Dignitaries
  • Prominent Families & High Net-Worth Individuals

These individuals face a variety of daily risks that may include stalkers, paparazzi, kidnapping schemes, corporate and political protesters and more. By combining our people, systems, intelligence and immediate response services, Pinkerton’s Residential Protection & Security Services delivers a level of protection that mitigates numerous risks at the homes of VIPs. This level of protection is available to individuals on a flexible basis as well, from providing one-time personal protection for executives to dedicated personnel in-house via our Pinkerton Dedicated Professionals (PDPs). Combining people, systems, intel and response—every PDP is backed by a global network of resources.

In addition to all this, Pinkerton's scalability allows for the ability to secure transportation and emergency services whenever and wherever you need them.

We offer added security with protective intelligence & electronic security systems.

Because Pinkerton agents have 24/7 access to Threat Monitoring Dashboards, Reporting and Analysis, and Real-Time Global Incident Alerting, we can immediately adjust protection plans and call in additional assistance as situations near a residence warrant. Pinkerton also has access to world-class electronic security systems resources which enables Pinkerton to offer a unique holistic solution.

To learn more about Pinkerton's Residential Protection & Security Services, contact us today. 

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