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Risk-Based Screening

Pinkerton is a worldwide industry leader in the development and delivery of compliance-focused, corporate risk-based screening solutions specifically designed to cut costs and save you time.

We act as your global screening partner, delivering scalable solutions that are faster & more accurate.

Thousands of companies around the world rely on Pinkerton for Risk-Based Screening, whether it be for potential employees or vendors. We quickly uncover the vital information you need to know to reduce your risk and help your company make the best decision possible. To do this, we incorporate standardized best practices to help streamline your workflow and maximize productivity throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Our comprehensive employment screening services include specific services such as background checks, and much more.

With Pinkerton, you can count on industry-leading employee screening solutions that:

  • Quickly provide answers and results.
  • Incorporate cutting-edge technology.
  • Take into account the specificities required by compliance issues.
  • Are always backed by outstanding customer service.
  • Are competitively priced.

These screening services are not limited by geographic boundaries. With our global network of resources, Pinkerton can activate Risk-Based Screening solutions for your company and candidates/vendors nearly anywhere in the world. By utilizing Pinkerton's Risk-Based Screening services, you will have an international partner to help your company stay equipped and informed, reducing your risk, and allowing you to focus on business objectives.

Questions on your background check report?

To learn about free file disclosures, getting a free copy of your consumer report and submitting a dispute, review our File Disclosure page and our Compliance Resources.

Companies choose Pinkerton for:

Smarter, Faster Access
We foster business continuity by providing a managed service that acts as your single gateway to smarter, faster, and more scalable services anywhere in the world.

One Connected, Global Source
Offering your company a single, connected, global source for all of your risk management and security concerns.

Our range of service options offers your company flexibility from outsourcing on a one-time or temporary basis, or for a long-term engagement with embedded personnel.

For more information on how Pinkerton can assist your company with reliable Risk-Based Screening services, call our Screening Department at 1-800-635-1649 or email us at

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