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Threat Response Services

Providing a global network of threat response and crisis management resources to help manage crisis situations whenever and wherever they occur.

Combining people, knowledge, and technology to keep your business running after a crisis.

Whether your facilities have been hit with an employee walkout or a devastating earthquake, it is crucial to partner with a corporate risk management partner that is experienced, quick to act, and reliable. According to a University of Texas study, when disaster strikes:

  • Only 6% of companies suffering from a catastrophic loss will survive.
  • 43% never reopen their businesses.
  • 51% percent close within two years.

Pinkerton is a leading global provider of non-insurable risk management solutions. We know how to respond quickly and effectively in the event of an unforeseen threat or risk. We are by your side from start to finish, consulting and preparing a detailed plan along with our experienced Pinkerton agents—armed or unarmed as needed. When the assignment is done, we consult with your business to help everyone be better equipped to handle future situations.

We specialize in non-insurable risks.

The threat landscape is ever-changing—there are a multitude of global risks at large and organizations need to be fully prepared for an even wider range of threats today. While some risks are common among organizations and can be insured, there are many unforseen, non-insurable risks that organizations fail to recognize and prepare for.

Non-insurable risks relate to reputational risk, regulatory risk, trade secret risk, political risk and pandemic risk—and our agents are experts at helping you mitigate these risks and navigate any non-insurable risk situations.

Why clients choose Pinkerton.

Pinkerton is an industry leader in providing Security Risk Management and consulting solutions. Using our proprietary and analytical approach, along with cutting-edge technology, we are able to identify, manage, and mitigate risk for clients unlike anyone else. But most importantly, only Pinkerton has the capabilities to offer:

Smarter, Faster Access
We foster business continuity by providing a managed service that acts as your single gateway to smarter, faster, and more scalable services anywhere in the world.

One Connected, Global Source
Offering your company a single, connected, global source for all of your risk management and security concerns.

Our range of service options offers your company flexibility from outsourcing on a one-time or temporary basis, or for a long-term engagement with embedded personnel.

Protective Intelligence
With 24/7 Threat Monitoring, Reporting & Analysis and Real-Time Alerting, Pinkerton agents are able to quickly adjust plans when warranted.

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