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Keeping work environments as safe as possible with industry-leading workplace safety training.

During periods of downsizing, layoffs, plant closures, and labor disputes, it is critical for your company to have the proper education and information to protect your assets and people. We provide industry-leading workplace safety training by tapping into our global network of resources to provide protective and technical assistance using real-life situations as a basis for educating your staff. We can also help you monitor changing situations 24/7, and our services are scalable so we can easily adjust our resources as necessary.

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In the event of a workplace disturbance, Pinkerton offers a wide range of risk-mitigating solutions for companies around the world. Some of our most frequently-requested services before and during workplace issues include:

  • Risk Assessments of physical properties, policies, and procedures to identify threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences which then creates a roadmap for your organization to develop your security contingency plans.
  • Driver Services (armed or unarmed escorts) for management or executives to or from their home, place of business, plant sites, etc.
  • Residential Executive Protection (armed or unarmed) for management and executives when and where it’s needed.
  • Global Asset or Site Protection including sensitive or vital facilities.
  • Strike Surveillance Teams (when and where permitted by law) which include licensed videographer and documenter services to observe and record any illegal strike activity.
  • Meeting & Event Threat Monitoring often coordinating with client security personnel (CSOs, FSMs, SSM, etc.), Securitas, and/or additional outside guarding companies to provide guard force management.
  • TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) sweeps of conference/ meeting rooms, boardrooms, negotiation sites, plus telephone and mobile devices
  • Liaising with local law enforcement prior to and during the work action or strike.

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