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Pinkerton can also provide you with a wide variety of additional background screenings and reports that support your risk management objectives, such as bankruptcy checks and credit checks.

From federal bankruptcy to credit checks, our Background Screening services offer your company the ability to gather as much data and information as possible for potential employees and/or vendors. Pinkerton's team of experts pride themselves on obtaining the most helpful and insightful information possible for background screenings. Our specific offerings include:

This search can be performed by a single federal district or as a national search of the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Court (all districts included). This is available by individual or business name for any bankruptcy filings. It returns bankruptcy records including information such as the type of filing and date of discharge.  This information should only be used when applicable and in compliance with state and federal laws.

Media Search provides a more in-depth background investigation for high profile or sensitive positions that reveals derogatory information about an individual or a company. Many states prohibit the use of prior arrests not resulting in a conviction and unrelated criminal convictions to be considered, however this sensitive background information will be revealed in our media search. Media searches can reveal trends or patterns to the researcher while sifting through over 10,000 online pages and paper documents. Media searches will check back only two years unless otherwise indicated.

This search covers a repository of records of UCC and federal lien documents for a person or business. Such background information is useful for lenders to determine if they would be interested in extending credit to a small business owner. The small business owner may, in turn, want to determine whether to extend credit to customers. Without the UCC Filings search, the lender or small business owner might be required to check county lien records in several counties in order to get true financial pictures of lending recipients.

Credit Check reports are recommended for employees who may impact company finances. This necessarily includes all employees in accounting functions, but may also include other employees such as those that are entrusted with a corporate credit or purchasing card. The background reports Pinkerton conducts provide a detailed credit history including accounts, payment history, liabilities, and public record information such as: bankruptcy, judgments, liens, and collections. With this screening, we also provide current and former addresses, employers, and alias names, as reported by financial institutions to the credit bureau.

This search will return name variations, businesses at address, business filings, assets at address, bankruptcy, properties, corporation filings, motor vehicles, business registrations, UCC filings, internet domain names, associated businesses, Dun & Bradstreet records, and associated people.

CDLIS allows employers to comply with FMCSA requirements (§ 391.21-391.27) by searching within the "Commercial Driver's License Information System" for any prior licenses, current CDL, and up to three prior licenses held by said individual. The report will provide: present jurisdictional state and driver’s license number, name, DOB, social security number match, up to three previously held CDL numbers, and AKA Information.

We provide a report of the state driver’s license record of a subject. Availability and legal uses of the background screening reports vary from state to state. The report provides the subject’s driving history for a minimum of three years for the state specified; longer histories are available in some states. The report includes current status of the license, dates and description of violations, as well as suspensions or revocations incurred during the specified period of time.

NOTE: Where applicable, each search conducted will incur a state repository fee.

A variety of sanctions checks are available to determine if an individual has been debarred, excluded, suspended, or disqualified under a range of different programs and agencies. This is especially applicable to healthcare and financial industries. Some of the most popular checks include:

  • DHHS/OIG Sanctions Check
  • FACIS® (Fraud and Abuse Control Information System)*
  • FDA Disbarment Search
  • Global Scan / Homeland Security Terrorist
  • GSA Excluded Parties
  • OFAC Sanctions Check
  • Security Exchanges Disqualified Persons

*FACIS® is a registered trademark of Verisys Corporation

A check of state or regional records for evidence of any Workers' Compensation claim(s) made by the subject. Information returned varies from state to state and may include file or case number, ID information, nature of injury and date of claim.

NOTE: Use of workers' compensation information is strictly regulated by each state; a release is often required and sometimes needs notarization. Where applicable, each search conducted will incur a state repository fee.

Questions on your background check report?

To learn about free file disclosures, getting a free copy of your consumer report and submitting a dispute, review our File Disclosure page and our Compliance Resources.

To learn more about any or all of Pinkerton’s Background Screening Services, please contact us today.

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