Investigative Services from a Private Investigation Agency | Pinkerton Pinkerton is your trusted source for investigative services. With over 160 years of experience, see why we are the leading private investigation agency.
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Providing reliable Litigation Support to firms & companies around the world.

Pinkerton’s team of legal and investigative experts, including accomplished lawyers, investigators, and former district attorneys, are able to strengthen your legal team with effective solutions and support throughout every phase of litigation. 

From exhaustive due diligence support to forensic accounting and technical surveillance countermeasure services, Pinkerton’s expertise and ability become a part of your legal team’s toolkit, strengthening your case and your chance at bringing clients success. 

The world’s largest law firms and global corporations turn to Pinkerton for their expertise in legal matters surrounding brand protection and intellectual property.  With access to a global network of resources, Pinkerton offers a wide range of litigation support services, including:

  • Expert Witness Testimony (arrange and/or perform)
  • Interviewing Capability (Reid, Wicklander-Zulawski methods)
  • Evidentiary Chain of Custody Work
  • Witness Location
  • Reference Checks
  • Background Checking (on individuals and entities)
  • Media Searches
  • Credential Checks
  • Relationship Checks

To learn more about Pinkerton’s Litigation Support services, please contact us today.

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