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Providing management, efficiency, and increased opportunities for existing or new Secondary Employment operations.

Many law enforcement agencies have existing Secondary Employment programs where off-duty officers can provide services such as event security and executive protection. Many more LEAs want these programs but the administration, coordination, and communication involved can be a burden.

Pinkerton will work within the framework of your program – or create a new one – assuming the program management, insurance liability, and new opportunity development. The result is a revenue-generating program with more assignments, less paperwork, and increased income opportunities for your law enforcement officers.

Key benefits for LEAs

  • Reduces administrative time and resources
  • Assume payroll responsibilities for expedient compensation
  • Elimination of insurance liability
  • Manage invoicing and collection activities
  • Increased officer assignment efficiency

Key benefits for staff and officers

  • More opportunities for extra assignments
  • Faster payment
  • Equitable assignment practices in accordance with policies and agreements

How does Pinkerton’s Law Enforcement Liaison Unit work?

Pinkerton handles the program administration including maintaining a database of available personnel, managing the assignments, time tracking coordination, payroll, and assuming insurance responsibilities. We market this service in your city/region through our established relationships with venues, event planners, and corporate security teams in the US. Our goal is that your LEA has a fully functional, efficient Secondary Employment program that generates revenue and provides additional income to your officers.

If you don’t have a program yet, we will work with you to establish it and provide ongoing management.

Get started with the Pinkerton Law Enforcement Liaison Unit today. Click here for our introduction form.

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