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Make faster decisions with better information through an exclusive global intelligence network.

The Pinkerton Vigilance Network (PVN) is an exclusive strategic, technical, and tactical approach to integrating intelligence—combining protective services, response services, and protective intelligence to create an ecosystem of connected awareness, 24/7.  Through this network, we can deliver advanced social media monitoring, travel tracking, SOS, transport/asset tracking, threat monitors, risk mapping, incident alerting, and field operations.

It's our own intricate web of connections that pools and shares intelligence gathered by:

Our vast network of resources provides your organization with a variety of real-time, situational awareness capabilities, from tracking critical supply chain elements in real-time to monitoring potential hazards and threats surrounding your global facilities. We also utilize this network in our industry-leading executive protection offerings (both international and residential) and coordinate with members to assist in corporate investigations and specific surveillance assignments.

This connected network helps us protect the interests of multinational companies including:

  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Distribution Chains
  • Executive Residences
  • Employees
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