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Reliable & thorough supplier vetting and vendor vetting anywhere you need it.

Any time a third party is involved in your business operations, your company may be exposed to serious risk. It is essential to have thorough background knowledge of every individual and company you deal with in order to:

  • Protect your company’s reputation and assets
  • Satisfy regulatory compliance requirements

No matter where in the world your third party is based, our web-based Quick Due Diligence (QDD) service provides a cost-effective solution to deal with the following concerns:

  • Sanctions, PEPs & watch list verifications
  • Anti-bribery & corruption compliance
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Screening customers & suppliers
  • Partner vetting
  • Workplace violence & other internal investigations
  • Demonstrate compliance for mergers & acquisitions

Quick Due Diligence (QDD) is also used by corporate legal departments to assist in the areas of risk management, procurement, compliance, and security. QDD is ideal for a number of global industries with higher risk, including:

  • Technology
  • Gas & Oil
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Services

Pinkerton offers global expertise & deep dive investigations.

Due diligence of foreign entities and screening of individuals requires a keen understanding of local laws, languages, or customs. Our global network of resources offers the expertise to provide these additional investigative capabilities. In addition, Pinkerton offers the ability to dive into a deeper due diligence investigation when deemed necessary based on the information returned from the Quick Due Diligence. Our full suite of corporate risk management offerings can be easily scaled to meet whatever your current needs may be. 

To learn more about Pinkerton’s Quick Due Diligence Service, please contact us today.

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