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Case Location: USA (multi-location facilities with HQ in Michigan)

Case A

Eliminating the need for multiple equipment leases


Leases on badging equipment located in multiple locations were expiring. The company was looking for a cost-savings alternative to investing in new equipment throughout the organization.


Pinkerton’s Physical Security Technology Services team developed a centralized badging program at the client’s headquarters. A two-week trial successfully demonstrated the efficiencies of the new system.


The client benefited from a first-year savings of $160, 000 in equipment costs.

Case B

Improving data consistency while reducing badging costs


Another client with over 50 locations struggled to manage a database of over 250, 000 ID badges. Data was entered inconsistently while more and more resources were being spent on maintaining or replacing aging equipment.


After developing a test program to prove its efficiency and reliability, our Physical Security Technology team established a Centralized Badging Center (CBC) to manage all badging operations throughout the company.


Approximately 4, 000 badges per month are now produced with consistent quality and rapid turnaround time. Because more than $400, 000 has been saved in equipment costs, the client has been able to allocate those resources to other needs. 

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