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Each week, we break down international news into our four quadrants of risk and present ways to mitigate those risks. 

Market and Economic Risks

The Bank of Canada’s governing council recently issued a statement indicating that it would not raise interest rates for a third time in 2017. Per reports on October 25, policymakers in Japan are considering forcing businesses to use their cash resources to increase salaries and revise fiscal measures to increase growth in the economy. The European Central Bank has announced a 50% reduction in its bond-buying program, from  60 billion EUROS a month to 30 billion, starting January 2018.

Hazard and Event Risks

Last week, a freight ship sailing from Equatorial Guinea en route to Monrovia, Liberia, was boarded by pirates three days earlier outside the coast of Nigeria. In Asia, per a report by The Soufan Center, published last week, with the Islamic State (IS) losing territory in Iraq and Syria, returnees and foreign fighters will present a challenge to many countries “for years to come.”

Technology and Information Risks

Last week, computer systems worldwide were affected by a new ransomware termed “Bad Rabbit.” The malware has been declared as one of the most dangerous in 2017, following WannaCry in May and NotPetya in June. Per reports on October 22, the US government’s privacy watchdog, the National Privacy Commission is monitoring the possible personal data breach of the Philippines' largest online stock brokerage firm, COL Financial. - Cyber-security researchers at Check Point have identified a new “massive” botnet that utilized unsecured Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation have issued a joint warning regarding an ongoing advanced persistent threat of a cyber-attack targeting critical infrastructure sectors. 

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