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Each week, we break down international news into our four quadrants of risk and present ways to mitigate those risks. 

Market and Economic Risks

On Tuesday, the Brazilian Senate approved a legislative project to regulate applications related to private passenger transport services. - Last week, the Bank of England (BOE) stated that about 75,000 jobs in the financial services sector could likely be lost due to Brexit, especially in case a UK-EU financial services deal is not reached. - Per Chinese media reports on Thursday, the provincial authorities in Shanxi ordered the local government to limit industrial activity in the province to restrain winter smog. - Per reports on October 31, Singapore released the draft bill on carbon pricing for public consultation on the carbon tax.

Hazard and Event Risks

In Mexico last week, at least three boxes containing human remains were found in downtown Irapuato along with cartel-related criminal messages. - Authorities from the Chilean Institute of Public Health (ISP) have confirmed that 43 people are currently infected with Q fever because of a bacterium that is affecting cattle in the southern region of the country. - Last week,, health authorities in South Africa issued a high alert following reported cases of the plague in Madagascar.

Technology and Information Risks

Per media reports, artificial intelligence firm, Vicarious, has developed an algorithm that is capable of breaching through the security check known as CAPTCHA, which is short for  Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. - Last week, it was reported that a cyber-security researcher had gained access to Google’s internal issue tracker, known as “Buganizer,” and viewed the full list of Google’s unpatched vulnerabilities. - Per media reports, a major data breach was detected that compromised the personal information of approximately 50,000 Australian employees, including government officials and bank workers.

Operational and Physical Risks

The Dominican Republic’s National Committee to Combat Climate Change (CNLCC) has announced the beginning of an indefinite strike, with the objective of halting construction of a thermoelectric plant in Catalina. - New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern stated last week that a ban on foreign home buyers would be implemented in early 2018; however, the ban would not include Australian citizens seeking to buy houses in New Zealand. - On Wednesday last week, CBS-affiliate KFDM in Beaumont, TX announced recalls for Ford, Toyota, Lexus, Tesla, and Fiat Chrysler America. 

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