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Market & Economic Risk:

– Per reports, the Indonesian government has announced that it will implement a new set of rules to battle money laundering and terrorism financing.
– During the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Convention (PDAC) that took place on March 4-7, 2017, the Argentinian Mining Minister stated that the Federal Government is working with local governments to lift the prohibition of open pit mining before the end of the year. 
– Per reports, German metalworkers’ union IG Metall has struck a deal with the car manufacturer Mercedes Benz, which will allow employees associated with the union to have 28-hour work weeks for a two-year period. 
– On March 1, 2018, the Canadian government announced that they would be ending their contract with International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) for their broken payroll system, Phoenix.

Hazard & Event Risk:

– Per reports on March 5, 2018, civil society groups will be staging protests on March 24 in Bangkok against the Thai government’s decision to delay elections to the next year. 
– According to Brazil’s Ministry of Health, the number of confirmed yellow fever cases continue to grow.

Technology & Information Risk:

– Per reports on March 7, 2018, a researcher at the cyber-security firm Exabeam found that users generate personal data on browsers, being dubbed as the user’s “web dossier,” which can be misused for targeted attacks.
– Israeli hackers discovered that Windows AI, Cortana, could be deceived to browse insecure web pages and download malware to a device running Windows 10 system while it is still locked. 
– On March 6, 2018, the Attorney General’s Office announced that more than 900,000 users of the ride-sharing service Uber in Mexico users might be affected by the massive data breach experienced in 2016. 
– Per reports on March 7, 2018, a critical vulnerability has been detected in all versions of Exim, a free software used as a mail transfer agent.

Operational & Physical Risk:

– The Sri Lankan President has declared a state of emergency for seven days to “redress the unsatisfactory security situation prevailing in certain parts” of Sri Lanka.
– The Canadian Government has issued a new travel advisory encouraging tourists not to board ferries operating in Playa del Carmen and to be aware of Mexican authorities’ instructions.
– Four countries in southern Africa: Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, and Botswana, suspended imports of meat products and started recalling items from South Africa, where a factory responsible for the recent listeria outbreak has been identified.

March 12, 2018

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