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Hazard and Event Risks 

  • Last week, The Brazilian Ministry of Health issued an alert regarding the beginning of the yellow fever season which lasts from December to March. 
  • The United States Embassy in Haiti issued an alert regarding the security situation in the country last week.
  • Last week, the U.S. Department of State issued a travel advisory update for Mexico, in which it warned its citizens to avoid traveling to certain states due to the high crime rates recorded in recent months.
  • Recently, President Donald Trump announced that the U.S. will deny asylum claims for immigrants who enter the country outside a port of entry. 

Operational and Physical Risks

  • Earlier this month, the Colombian government accused Venezuela of an illegal incursion of Venezuelan troops into Colombian territory.
  • Since November 10, 2018, heavy rains and thunderstorms have affected various regions of Argentina; as a consequence, the province of Buenos Aires and other surrounding areas were flooded. 
  • Last week in the UK, two ministers have resigned following Prime Minister Teresa May’s presentation of the Brexit agreement deal.
  • In Canada, post workers resumed a strike following two and a half weeks of negotiation between a mediator and the relevant parties. 

Technology and Information Risks

  • In Pakistan, security researchers with Cylance provided information on cyber-attacks conducted against the country’s military. 
  • Earlier this month, Medigate’s experts reported they found vulnerabilities in some versions of three medical devices produced by Roche. 
  • Last week, information regarding malicious actors exploiting a flaw in the General Data Protection Regulation compliance plugin for WordPress became available. 

Market and Economic Risks

  •  As reported previously, various Asian countries are dealing with a declining fertility rate, a situation that poses future dangers regarding the ever-increasing costs of the social security systems and workforce availability. 
  • And in our last story this week, oil prices fell more than 1% placing U.S. crude on its longest decline since 1984. 

November 19, 2018

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