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Security Operations Center

Pinkerton's Security Operations Centers (SOC) are fully equipped with monitoring mechanisms to ensure effective electronic monitoring. SOC analysts are always on standby to mitigate any technical issues or system failures that may arise.

Protection & monitoring around the clock. 

Pinkerton’s Security Operations Centers include:

  • Live Monitoring and Recordings Review
  • Incident Response
  • Vulnerability Mapping
  • Centralized Database
  • Loss Prevention
  • Maintenance of Data Logs, Access Control Equipment & CCTV Cameras

Pinkerton’s SOC layout designs integrate feeds from all of your CCTV cameras and access control equipment. The Pinkerton team can also offer unbiased advice on the design and selection of security devices & systems, their suppliers and installation contractors. The security team has extensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of electronic security devices & systems. In addition, training to SOC operators will also be provided to allow them to make optimal utilization of available technology.

Pinkerton, with its fully operational Command and Control Centre located at our Gurgaon location, is equipped to select, train and monitor security personnel to efficiently run the SOC as per requirements. Pinkerton proposes to create a synergy between the SOC and our Risk Monitoring & Advisory Centre for constant training & development for SOC operators. Training via simulation exercises, mock drills and table-top exercises involving security professionals from across the broad spectrum is a specialty of Pinkerton. Pinkerton has conducted training for centralized and coordinated operations in a Command & Control Centre, including loss prevention, emergency response, use of communication systems, use of security equipment and coordination with security.

Pinkerton can apply the expertise gained in designing the structure and content of multinational clients as well as its own Command and Control Centre to help systematize the processes of the SOC.

Pinkerton has been involved in creating protocol documents on emergency management, communication usage and business continuity planning and risk mitigation for several Fortune 500 companies. Our experts drawn from diverse fields and with massive international exposure are well equipped with industry best practices and ISO standards to help companies create clear, coherent and complete protocol documents.

  • CCTV Cameras—The Operator will be able to view all CCTV footage on a single screen with the ability to zoom in on a particular feed if he feels there is any suspicious movement or incident occurring. The feeds apart from being monitored will also be recorded on digital recording systems for any post-incident analysis.
  • Outage Incident ManagementThe SOC operator will be able to monitor any tampering in the CCTV systems or general outage of feeds on a real-time basis.
  • Incident Response—Through effective communication with other security posts, the SOC can immediately get response to incidents like thefts occurring etc.
  • Other SOC Supporting Functions—as provided by client.
  • Training of SOC Operator’s would help in:
    • Identification of vulnerable areas.
    • Procedures to be followed for effective CCTV monitoring.
    • How to implement techniques for effective loss prevention.
    • Use of maps and floor plans to assist in dispatching officers and use the available resources, including security equipment, to assume command and control.
    • Knowledge of computer programming and development as required by client.
    • Emergency response plan familiarization.
    • Incident command.
    • Managing emergency operations.
    • Exercise design—basic and advanced.
    • Leadership in emergency management.
    • Crisis communications.
    • Custom programs designed to meet client specific requirements.
    • Effective handling of ‘non–routine’ tasks during emergency.
    • Response to system logs, escalation and recording.
    • Report incidents as per the laid down escalation procedures including reporting to the senior levels for lack of action by the operational personnel.
    • Ensure a clear chain of command.
    • Well–defined levels of escalation in routine security procedures.
    • Clear division of labor through flow charts, direction manuals, quality manuals and other means.
    • Clear levels of escalation during emergencies.
    • Clear channels of reporting.
    • Maps and charts of client sites to facilitate personnel movement and use available resources to assume command and control.
    • Ensure daily security activity report.
  • Maintenance Incident Report—In the event of an unusual occurrence, SOC operators will submit an Incident report containing factual narration of the event and post-event analysis to ensure the future smooth conduct of operations.
    • Emergency protocol document for the SOC.
    • Communication escalation protocol document for SOC.
    • C–Cube operations manual.
    • Ensure robust and secure Infrastructure/premises.